Thursday, June 18, 2015

Daniel Kish and Echolocation

Daniel Kish has been very independent because he has relied on echolocation to help him get around. He has been sightless since he was about a year old. He has the ability to mountain bike and recognize an object from a distance away. This is similar to how a bat can see in the dark. Due to retinoblastoma, cancer that attacks the eyes, caused him to go blind. Daniel needed both of his eyes removed to save his life as early as a year old. He is so accomplished at echolocation that he can pedal his mountain bike through streets filled with traffic and difficult trails throughout the woods. Daniel Kish is now the president of the World Organization for the Blind where he helps individuals and families understand the capabilities of the visually impaired. He has trained over a hundred people to use echolocation with an excellent outcome. He stated that anyone can learn to echolocate and practice is the best way to become an expert. After learning about this in chapter one and seeing the video on Daniel Kish, I find it amazing that he is showing visually impaired individuals how to echolocate. Some people may not allow a blind family member to reach their full capabilities and they are restricted from daily activities. Echolocation is important because it allows the visually impaired to reach their full potential. It was interesting to read about Daniel Kish and how he can educate people to use echolocation.


  1. I enjoyed reading about this as well because it really gives you an awareness to how people adjust to things that other would consider a "handicap" in order to be just as functioning as the average person. Its absolutely astonishing to me that through echolocation, the blind are really given their sight back.

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