Sunday, June 14, 2015


      Like Rosenblum said, it's probably a little bit awkward to let someone touch your face in such an intimate way, but I personally would really like to try Tadoma myself. I think the use of vibrations to communicate and perceive the world around us is a pretty incredible feat and I'm not surprised that it takes around 10 days to really even begin to get the hang of it.
      Rosenblum's interview with Rick Joy is incredible to me. The fact that Joy can seem to communicate in such a seamless manner makes the conversation about people who have been described as "severely handicapped" seem much different to me. For this entire text I've been totally blown away by the information about people living wonderful and well rounded lives in spite of their differences from other. I look forward to doing more research on these tools, especially Tadoma.

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  1. I also enjoyed reading about Tandoma, and liked that you mentioned that it really is an intimate touch. My dad always told me since I was a child not to even touch my own face with my hands, because you are constantly picking up germs and you can get sick my transferring them in the various openings on your face. I could not help but think about that as I read about Tandoma and the various germs that might get spread, but nevertheless find it to be fascinating.