Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Do you think if you lack in one sense, your other senses become better?

In chapter one, the book discusses about the blind bike riders ability to maneuver objects, trees, trails, etc. While reading this I was astonished and thought it was amazing that they use other bodily techniques to travel such as clicking. To relate, I firmly believe that if one's sense becomes limited or lost, another sense will become better. I'm not sure if this is true, and I would have to do further research to prove so. However, from personal experience, I have very bad eyes but very good ears. Is this just by coincidence? Or, is there some scientific relation involved to prove this is true? I know other people that also have one sense that is better than the other. I wonder if this is a type of survival that the human body is capable of? Since the human body naturally heals itself as they say, could this example of senses relate to this belief?


  1. I definitely agree with this theory. Our book showed how the blind are able to use a heightened sense of sound to echolocate. I don't think a sighted person would be able to echolocate as well unless they were blindfolded.

  2. Kelsea,
    I completely agree with you! I have never experienced the loss of any of my senses before, but something I can relate to this concept is driving. There have been several occasions when I have gotten lost or have been following directions where I had to turn off the radio in order to focus more on the directions and what was happening visually. I agree with you that when one sense is limited it causes the others to heighten and work better. Great post!
    -Michelle Lombardi

  3. Kelsea,

    I definitely agree with this. I do the same thing that Michelle talked about when I'm lost driving. The music is distracting when I'm lost and I can't focus on what I need to look for. It makes sense that when one sense is limited another is heightened. It helps us make up for the limitation. I always thought this was interesting. Great post!