Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Influence of Smell

During my senior year in high school I worked at a major department store and during the Christmas season they would change the store's scent through the air system. The retailer, like many others, wanted to create an environment where the smell of cinnamon, along with the holiday decor, would have a positive impact on the shopper. The retailer believed that smell has the power to trigger emotional memories and if they are good memories it may make the person more likely to purchase items from them. As we have read in chapter four this is a popular tactic in casinos, stores, and hotels to increase sales. However, as the book states, it can render a person's thoughts and memories as more emotional, but it can also have a strong negative reaction if they find it unpleasant.


  1. That is pretty interesting! I can definitely agree that smell has the power to trigger emotional memories. For example, the smell of chlorine in the summer time reminds me of when I was younger and I had a pool. It not only reminds me of having a pool, but it brings me back to memories with my neighborhood friends. In a way I would become saddened by this smell because I miss being young at times. Different smells throughout the season affect my emotions the same way. Particular smells can bring me back to a distinct memory in my past.

  2. I agree, as well, that smells are capable of triggering many emotions. I think the hardest part for stores is finding a mutual smell that everyone will find pleasant! Some people consider certain smells to be a positive scent, while other people may think of the same scent as being completely disgusting! I agree that the smell of a place will either draw me to it or make me walk away.