Thursday, September 25, 2014


The link below is a quick video explaining taste and how it all works. Out of all the senses I realized I probably new least about taste so I decided to watch a few videos explaining how our taste perception works and this one video I found to be quick, easy and interesting. It is a college professor explaining the process of how taste works once food enters our mouths. He begins by explaining how your saliva is what breaks down food into chemical components once you take a bite of anything. He mentions how there are about ten thousand taste buds in your mouth. Each taste bud has about fifty to a hundred taste cells in it, (wow). These taste buds send a signal to the brain each time you chew. Smell and taste together are part of the gustatory system. Which was a word I've never heard before, gustatory. So between your smell perception and taste, together you are able to decipher sensations or "tastes" such as sweet, biter, sour and more! Here' s the link!

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