Thursday, September 25, 2014

Digital Eye Strain

The American Optometric Association has surveyed a sample of children from ages 10 to 17 in the United states. The survery consisted of questions relating to a new condition known as "Digital Eye Strain". Digital Eye Strain is when an individuals eyes get tired and/or strained after intense use of electronic devices. Smyptoms of this include; watery eyes, dry eyes, sore eyes, burning or itching eyes, blurred vision, headaches, sore neck and back, shoulder pain, increased sensitivity to light, and difficulty focusing. The survey the American Optometric Association conducted discovered that 80% of children questioned experiences these symptoms. The survery also finds that 83% of children believe they use an electronic device for at least 3 hours per day. However, only 40% of parents believe their child uses electronic devices for 3 hours per day. In order to avoid Digital Eye Strain an individual can do the following:
Position the computer screen 4-5 inches below eye level and 20-28 inches away from the eyes.
-Match the room lighting on the computer screen by using a lower-watt overhead light or a dimmer switch.
-Prevent glare on a screen
-Ajust font sizes to allow text to be read with ease
-Blink more frequently to keep eyes moist.

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  1. This looks like a very important article especially for people that are on or deal with computers all the time. It is becoming more and more relevant now because people are using electronics at a younger age. I also thought that it is useful that they gave ideas to prevent this.