Friday, September 26, 2014

The McGurk Effect!

This video describes the McGurk effect!The McGurk effect shows that visual articulatory information is integrated into our perception of speech automatically and unconsciously. The syllable that we perceive depends on the strength of the auditory and visual information, and whether some compromise can be achieved. Regardless, integration of the discrepant audiovisual speech syllables is effortless and mandatory. Our speech function makes use of all types of relevant information, regardless of the modality. In fact, there is some evidence that the brain treats visual speech information as if it is auditory speech. After watching and listening a few times, listen to the same video with your eyes closed. Is there any difference in what you believe she is really saying? Now you know you can't always believe your ears, especially when your eyes are allowed to contribute their input on the matter. This is due to visual dominance when conflicting information comes in from different senses.
Askhia Awab.


  1. I just watched and listened :) to the video. That was pretty awesome! I know when audio quality is bad watching someone's lips or movements of their mouth really helps me "hear" them better. I have been in situations where I really cannot hear or understand what someone is saying. When that happens, I look to their mouth to try and decipher what they are saying.