Tuesday, September 23, 2014


This video explains the trait synesthesia. Synsthesia is a trait that activates another sense when one sense is activated. This means that for someone with this trait, seeing the word "college" might invoke the taste of sausage. In this video, the narrator describes how useful this particular trait is in remembering names which I found particularly interesting. For someone with synesthesia, seeing someone's face might remind them of the color green which aids them in remembering their name if there is already an associate between the color and the name. It was also surprising to me to see how many notable people in history have this particular trait since it presents itself most prominently in those that exhibit artistic talent. The video explains that synesthesia should not be seen as a deformity but as a trait since it can aid in creating multiple associations for particular items, therefore making them more readily available in daily life.

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