Tuesday, June 10, 2014


The senses we have are the most powerful tools that we use every single day. Our sense of sight is the one sense that I find most interesting. The eyes are an amazing part of the body, the way we see light and read words, and the way our brain sends signals to our eyes to make out what we are seeing. Some people can see absolutkey perfect while others need glasses. We can use this sense without using any of the others, and if someone doesn't have a sense of sight then its very hard for them to enjoy the things in life that most people enjoy. Seeing things is important because it makes life easier and for people who are blind, they go through challenges. They cannot drive, read or even watch TV regularly, most of the people who have lost their sense if sight were born that way. Some even lose it in accidents or because they got glass in their eye. Reading I found that when one sense is lost, the other senses are heightened, so politely I asked a friend who is partly blind if this is true. What she said amazed me, she said that "I can hear sounds clearer and smell things sooner, I might not have the sense if sight but I don't mind." She can read using brail, and uses a walking cane but she says that there is nothing that she cant do. These senses were given to us to make life easier and make living as a human what is suppose to be. but when one of them is taken away our other senses have to work a little harder.

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  1. Many people do take for granted their senses. My family has a history of losing their vision. My Grandfather as a master machinist who over time became blind. He use to worry us because he would still go down in the basement and use his machines to make things, I remember my mother worrying that he would cut off a finger or something, but he would tell her not to worry, and he never did. My mom had to retire from her career as an RN because she is now blind, she to deals with everyday tasks differently. She is diabetic and has limited sensory touch in her finger tips which makes things even more difficult, but she does well. I am in the beginning stages of losing my eye sight and at this point it is very frustrating, but I manage as well, often I have to enlarge the print on my computer and change the background color just to read the screen. Obviously, there is something genetic going on in our families history. I pray that someday that maybe they will be able to correct my vision before it is to late.