Tuesday, June 10, 2014

John Bramblitt & His Artistic Touch

The text discussed John Bramblitt, an artist who lost his vision after complications from severe epileptic seizures. Losing a sense must be incredibly difficult to cope with and Bramblitt discussed his anger and depression that arose from his loss of eye sight... Amazingly, John was able to learn to paint to channel his feelings and help him "view" the beauty in the world once again.

Bramblitt uses his fingers to distinguish the textures between different paints in order to identify and mix different colors. He also uses his fingers as a guide for his paint brushes. Bramblitt has also mastered using his hands to "see." He is able to make amazing portraits of people he has never visually seen just by touching their faces. While he hasn't viewed his wife or son with his eyes, he knows what they look like through touch as well. John Bramblitt teaches his technique in free art workshops to show others how he works as well as teach them about his story.  

John's story is an inspirational one. He used his new found art to express himself in ways he thought he would not be able to after he lost his vision. This story shows how a person can overcome hardship as well as elude the potential plasticity we have as humans. Since Bramblitt's vision was no longer a sense he could use and perceive the world with, his sense of touch became his way to perceive and understand the world around him.

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  1. I really thought this post was great. The videos really showed Bramblitt's character and his outlook on the art he creates. I really feel they helped me understand the things that the book didn't quite get across to me. Its so amazing that he can paint the way he does. He's so amazing.