Monday, June 9, 2014


Tadoma is a method of lip reading that requires touching a peron's articulators to percieve speech. The individual is usually deaf and blind when using tadoma. They place their thumb on the speaker's lips and spread their other fingers along the face and neck. The vibrations and motions allow the individual to pick up what they are saying. This takes a lot of time to learn, however, I feel it is very inspiring. The loss of vision and hearing is a hard thing to experience as it is hard to do almost anything without the two. Tadoma brings them hope and allows them to communicate despite their loss. In the book, we see another example of using vibrations to know when someone is there. These vibrations, both through the face and felt from the floor, allow people to be aware of what is going on. It is amazing what these people teach themselves, in order to compromise for their losses. It was definitely inspiring to read.


  1. I found the communicating method of Tadom really interesting as well. I had never heard of it before reading. Incorporating another sense to compensate for the one that has been lost allows those suffering to still maintain a sense of intimacy and communication that may have been lost otherwise.

  2. I was really amazed when reading about the Tadoma technique, i had no idea it was remotely possible to be able to feel enough vibrations and motions to truly identify different words and sounds. Throughout this book i have really been inspired by all the different techniques deaf, and blind people use to navigate their world.

  3. I think its an awesome skill to have for the blind and deaf. Many of us feel bad for people with this ability and from personal experience with these people some of them ride that feeling as a crutch to make excuses, but it is awesome to see that people are coming up with ways like tadoma to still get over the boundaries in front of them