Friday, June 6, 2014

Our Sense of Smell

      Our sense of smell is amazing. Although I never experienced it like the professor did, it was interesting to read about. When you stop and think about it, we use our sense of smell to even sense snow. Have you ever said, " It feels like it is going to snow", but actually I think this is a smell that we sense, we see the sky, but it is something in the atmosphere that we are smelling that makes us feel that way. I live across the street from a campground and in the summer time in the early evenings, often we can smell the campfires burning but see no smoke. With many years of experience with firewood, some times if I am close enough I can even tell the types of wood that may be burning, occasionally you can smell certain wood like cherry. Like us, every type of tree has its own unique smell, that smell can vary if the wood has been seasoned or not.
     The fact that each of our nostrils can sense separately in order to help determine direction or location of an odor. What I find intriguing is watching my dog when he senses a smell or odor that we cannot. They have the ability to smell a scent over a thousand times better than we can, what a warning system if you pay attention to the behaviors and actions of our dogs.


  1. Our perception of the world wouldn't exist without the help of our senses. I really enjoyed the smelling chapter because I feel that smell can allow us to imagine a picture or colors. For example, if I were to describe the smell of purple I would relate it to a fruit, grapes perhaps, I would refer brown as smelling like bark. When it come to scents I refer colors to foods and or nature. This book definitely makes me appreciate my senses.

  2. Our sense of smell is so awesome, the way we can pretty much taste something before we put it in our mouth is a crazy thing. Having no sense of smell has to be horrible because everyone smells something, whether it be flowers or food or even chemicals. This sense is very powerful!