Monday, June 9, 2014


In chapter 2, the auditory approach system is discussed. This system is the production of your hyper vigilant hearing anticipating the future in order to avoid harm. In effect, "you hear the future, and it scares you." I found this quote very connectable to my life. More often than not i find my self being startle back to reality, due to the fact I'm to focused on my own thoughts or a task at hand. my boyfriend for example always has this way of sneaking up on me accidentally not realizing i am not paying attention. Every single time i am abruptly startle by the sound of his voice directly behind me or the shifting of his shoe on pavement. Even sometimes the sound of my door swinging open is startling and i jump at the sound although there is no immediate danger of the door hitting me. It is interesting to see how much the cues of our surroundings are based on hearing while our vision can be very limiting.

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