Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Visual Form Agnosia

Agnosia is the loss of the ability to recognize objects, faces, voices, or places. It is a rare disorder. People with agnosia can still think, speak, and interact with the world normally. Agnosia affects only a single pathway in the brain. This is the pathway that stores knowledge and information. A person who has agnosia would not be able to name an object in front of them or describe the use. They usually find out what the object is by touching it and using that sense to figure out the object. There are two different types of visual agnosia which is Apperceptive and Associative. Apperceptive is the difficulty in assembling parts of an image into an understandable whole. They can say the name of object but when they are given a circle to draw they are not able to draw it. Than associative is the inability to recall information associated with an object. This can include an object’s name, use, or origin. Unlike an apperceptive agnosic, an associative agnosic can copy a picture without trouble.

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