Saturday, October 26, 2013

The True Color of Carrots

Quick question: What color are carrots? If your answer is 'Orange', then you are 100%... INCORRECT!

As it turns out, carrots are actually purple!

As it turns out, the orange carrot hadn't been established before the 16th century (although there is speculation that there had been orange-rooted carrots in existence as early as the 5th century A.D., whereas the carrot in general has been in existence for far longer). It is said that, among other speculations with regards to its emergence, the orange carrot was bred in Holland from a mutant seed taken from North Africa. The change in color is due to a pigment within carrot roots by the name of carotene.

Researchers say that this pigment comes in two forms: alpha and beta. Carotene, when introduced into the body, is converted into vitamin A, which is known to benefit healthy skin and is known to improve vision in areas with little to no light.

That said, there may not be a"true" color of carrot. This is because, even to this day, carrots vary in color depending on how they are bred.

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