Sunday, September 22, 2013

Prosopagnosia, as we have learned in class, is the disorder when a person can not recognize one face from another.  I participated in a test online at to see how well I can recognize faces.  The test used your ability to produce a person's name as the measure for whether or not you recognized a face.  My results where that I correctly identified, using their name, 24 out of 30 faces.  However, I was familiar with 27 out of 30 faces.  I just could not remember the names of a few people.  Three people I did not recognize at all.  According to the test's standards, I scored 89% correct, average being 85% correct.  I felt that the test was mostly accurate but there are a few flaws.  I am not sure if its fair that a few faces were counted against me because I could not remember the person's name, because I did still recognize their faces.  Also, I am not sure if it should be counted against you if you never saw a particular face before.  Although, you may have, and that is the point of the test, so the reasoning could go both ways possibly.  I finish this post with two thoughts.  Is there anything other than names that can justify a person recognizing a face? Also, how many times do you have to see a face for it to be recognizable?

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