Sunday, September 22, 2013

Discrimination Weights

This picture is of discrimination weights which are used in psychological testing.  These weights measure pressure sensitivity.  They also measure the difference threshold which has to do, in this case, with the smallest difference in weight a person can detect by picking up the differently weighted white cylinders.  There are two different sets of weights; each usually have 24 weights and they all look identical.  The light series includes cylinders from 75 to 125 grams.  The heavy series includes cylinders from 175 to 225 grams.  A valid way to relate this test to a real life situation is that it is important for our bodies to be able to tell the difference between the weight of one box of things as opposed to the other.  We have the ability to discriminate between the two so that we know we have to support one more than the other if we were to carry it.  This test is a good way to measure various concepts that relate to real life.

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