Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lafayette Instrument – Two-Point Aesthesiometer

Lafayette Instrument – Two-Point Aesthesiometer

The two-point aesthesiometer is a sensory device used to measure a person’s cutaneous sensitivity and touch threshold. It measures the degree of sensation by determining how many millimeters it takes for a person to perceive the two points when presented simultaneously. The plastic points are adjustable and designed to minimize the influence of temperature. The distance between two points that can be distinguished for a specific person. It can determine if the tactile sense is normal or altered by having the tester alternate touching the person’s skin with one or two points. It is then measured in millimeters that is listed on the side of the device. A person’s two point threshold is the smallest distance found between the points that a person can detect on the area being tested.

A current version of this device is very similar and sold on the Lafayette Instrument’s website.

These are links showing how an aesthesiometer is used:

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