Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blog #2 Perception: Sensory Deprevation Tanks ( Dr. Weissman)

Dr. Derren Weissman is a doctor or hollistic medicine who has been pacticing medicine for the past 18 years. Since 1986 he has been hooked on sensory deprevation tanks. A Sensory deprevation tank is filled with water about 10 inches deep and 800+ pounds of epson salts. When you are in a flotation tank, which is heated to skin temperature; Earplugs cut out the sounds around you. You close the door behind you and now you dont see anything. There is literally nothing thats gets in your way inside. He beleives your truest spiritual potential can be reached by being inside the tank. "It allows you to make that heart connection and be in that space that you can be your true self" says Dr. Weissman.

You can listen to Dr. Weissman discuss his positive experiences with Sensory Deprivation Tanks here:

Dr Weissman talks about the Sensory Deprivation Tank:

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