Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Retinitis Pigmentosa

The thought of losing one's peripheral vision and lack of surrounding perception was new to me. Usually found in males, this visual condition is known as retinitis pigmentosa, being that the dysfunction is mainly in the retina cell of the eye. In future research, RP (as it is abbreviated), is not as common as macular degeneration. Mainly a genetic defect, it affects about 1 in 4,000 people in the United States. There has been rare cases where damage has also been found in the retinal cone cells. Signs and symptoms include loss of peripheral vision and perception and a decrease in night vision. In the cases where damage is found in the cone cells, loss of central vision could occur in addition to persisting symptoms. There is no treatment for this condition as of now, however, other things such as the clouding of the lens, if detected could be surgically removed in preservation of the vision that still exists. Researchers have suggested a microchip implant in the retina which will hopefully enhance function of the eye. As of now, tests are still underway on this project but have yet to be concluded. There is another treatment that helps slow the progression of RP which is the intake of Vitamin A supplements. It has so far been very effective, however, questions have surfaced in regards to whether or not the intake of these vitamins over a long period of time causes problems and eventually fatal damage to the human liver. I was very fascinated with this topic and discovery, I do hope that in the long run a discovery is made because the thought of an adolescent losing sight and visual perception is just devastating. I found a short video on Retinitis Pigmentosa and just wanted to include it so hopefully it is helpful in breaking down some of the things that i may have failed to mention as well as educational.

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