Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Face Bind?

I find propagnosia to be such an interesting topic, mostly because people see objects and other people as bits and pieces instead of one whole being. The most interesting example was actually one given in the book that makes it impossible for me to imagine how difficult it must be to have this disorder. The book states that in a study a man saw a glove and said it could possibly be a coin purse with different sized holders for each type of coin. It is so interesting for me to think that a person could see a glove that appears to be all one color and the shape of a hand to me as being a coin purse. It actually makes me wonder what the person must see when they look at their own hand.

Now, the title of my post is "Face Blind?" for a reason. I took the Face Blind test and actually only scored 52%. I do not find this shocking at all, actually, because in general I can never remember the names of any actors that I see in movies no matter how many of their movies I have seen. I had assumed that I would have scored something so low when it comes to trying to identify celebrities and I also did not know many of them.
In order to test the reliability of the test, I had my boyfriend (who has seen every movie I can think of) take the test as well. He scored a 96% which also did not surprise me at all.
The most interesting part of our test results is that I may not remember celebrities when he remembers them all, but I will remember a person's name after meeting them one time and all he will remember is how he knew that person but will not be able to come up with their name.

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