Monday, September 17, 2012

Post one- faceblind test

For my first post I decided to write about the results of the faceblindness test I took. I am normally not very good at putting names with faces and it showed when I took this test because I recieved a 75%. I recognized almost all of the celebrities but just could not remember their names. After I took the test, I also had my roomate take the test as well. She ended up recieving a 97%. I found this test and subject interesting because I did not realize that people could be faceblind. According to the average person is able to recognize and name about 85% of the faces on the test. I heard about faceblindness or prosopagnosia a few months ago on 60 minutes where a woman couldn't even recognize a photo of her daughter. Overall, I found the whole topic of prosopagnosia to be interesting because it is something that I had never heard about until a few months ago.

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