Monday, September 17, 2012

Facial Recognition Test, Post #1, Perception

The class and video on facial recognition was quite interesting to me. So, I decided to take the facial recognition test to see how well I could do. I ended up scoring a 97%. It was interesting to note how quickly I knew some of the older celebrities with young pictures rather than up to date photos (John Travolta) and vice versa. For instance, if they had used all young or all recent photos, I probably would not have been able to name them as easily. Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon's older photograph was easier, for me to recognize, than if they had been younger in the picture and yet Paul McCartney's young photo as well as Oprah's was much harder to recognize quickly. It did take me a few seconds on some to be able to get the name. If it had been judged on speed as well, my score may have reflected differently.

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