Monday, September 17, 2012

Post # 1 Face Blind Test

I took the face blind test on and was surprised that I only correctly identified 59% of the faces I was shown.  According to, the average person with normal face recognition is able to recognize and name about 85% of the faces they were shown.  On the controrary,  incorrectly identifying more than half of the faces may indicate face recognition difficulties.  It is mind boggling to know that my score almost qualified as having face recognition difficulties.  I recognized the majority of the faces I was shown and was able to identify movies that the actor or actress was in, but when asked for the name I simply drew a blank.  I do not believe that my low score reflects having face recognition difficulties, rather I contribute my low score to my lack of keeping up with celebrities whether it be reading magazines or watching news on celebrities. I did recognize the names of the celebrities once they were shown to me and was shocked that the name could slip my mind. Overall, the face blind test was fun and I was really surprised with my score as I thought I would definitely score higher than I did. 

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