Monday, September 17, 2012

Perception Post 1

This video I watched on YouTube basically talks about several different pictures that people see and how they interpret each one. Obviously there are different feedback because many people perceive different things and not everyone is going to interpret the same exact image. For example, the first image is of an orange peel and how someone perceived it to be the virgin Mary. I myself do not see that, therefore this explains how people perceive things differently. I also found it extremely interesting how NASA perceived a face on the moon. I never knew about that until watching this and it really fascinated me. I would take it that looking at that particular image is somewhat known as the phenomenological method, whereas we are describing what we see, and that is a face. Overall I found this little video to be really insightful on how you can imagine and perceive all different images, whether it be from a piece of fruit or a crater on mars.

Brittany Celambrino

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