Sunday, September 16, 2012

     In class, we talked about face recognition and how some people are amazing at recognizing peoples' face and some are terrible at remembering the name of someone they swear they know. I would categorize myself as average with face recognition and being able to remember a persons name that I have met before. On the other hand, I am very good with remembering dates and numbers that have to do with remembering cell phone numbers and other things like birth dates, times, etc.

      I went on faceblind,org and took the face test and had to look at a famous actors, singers, presidents, and other people that are very popular in today's society. Out of 30 faces, I recognized 17 of the faces, which means I got 77% of the faces right. It also took me that on average, a person with normal face recognition could identify 85% of the faces. I was a little surprised that I am a little bit below average, but it could also be that I don;t watch or listen to most of the people it was showing me recognize.

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