Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blind Spot

After today’s class I was really interested in blind spots. So, I decided to look into them and see what I could find online. I found some pretty intriguing information, and a site that helps you find your blind spot.  When I was looking up blind spots, I also found a test that lets you know if you are color blind. I added the link to the bottom of this blog post, because I thought it was really interesting as well. 

As we discussed in class we have a blind spot where the optic nerve leaves our eye. We do not see this blind spot, because our one eye covers the blind spot for the opposite eye. Our brain will also fill the blind spot in. If we want to find our blind spot we can. I found a really awesome site that helps you find it. If you click the link I have provided for you below, you can find your blind spot. It is really shocking to find. We obviously know it is there, but seeing it in action is still amazing. I wonder how many things happen to fall into our blind spot that we don’t see. 

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