Tuesday, September 18, 2012

faceblind test

YEEEAAAHHH!!! 93%! I always thought i had a pretty keen ability to remember faces, even if i could not always match the names up with them. Well i took the test and recived a 93% so i guess i can still say im not bad at remembering a familar face. Overall there were only two faces in the line-up that i did not recognize and was not familar with, as well as two faces i did not recognize but was familar with, hence the 93. I think the test held some validity considering most of the famous faces were ones that if seen before, one most likely has seen many times before on television or some other similar medium, just as one would see the face of a friend a good many of times even if they do not recognize that friend's face consistently. I imagine it would be very difficult to live with this disorder and not be able to recognize the people one sees everyday, i feel no matter how much i knew a person they may still possibly always feel like a stranger to me, or i would just have to learn how to trust my ears more than my eyes.
matt kenask

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