Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Echolocation is the ability to see stimuli in the environment by reflecting soundwaves off objects to identify both size and location. Visual and auditory systems are closely correlated for thier ability to process reflected waves of energy.The visual system processes light as it bounces off stimuli in the environment and enters our eyes. The auditory system processes sound waves as they travel from a source entering our ear. Both can illustrate complex patterns of energy, in the case of sound it takes place as echoes. It has recently proven that some blind people can condition themselves to use the visual part of the brain to process sound. Ben Underwood blind since a child has mastered a system using clicking sounds to navigate the world. Ben rides a bike, rollerblades and plays both basketball and videogames. Below is a video of the evreyday life of Ben Underwood and unique system of echolocation.



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