Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Final Post

When I first opened the Perception text book, I was automatically turned off. It resembled a high school science text book and I was completely uninterested in reading it but I knew that I had to anyway. As I read more and learned more from the book, it started to become interesting because I could relate to most of the subjects in the book. It gave a lot of insight of thing I normally would not pay attention to.
The book explained our five senses in more depth than what we learned in kindergarten. Also, now that I am older I comprehend more than I did in grade school. My favorite part of the class was learning about color in chapter 9. I didn’t know that there were different types of colorblindness. Color is important because now it is use a lot as symbols. When we see red, we know that there is danger or that we need to stop. When we see purple, we think of royalty. When we see yellow, we think of caution. Color also triggers different moods and emotions for people. People paint their house certain colors for a reason!

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