Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Braille Made Easy!

Have you ever walked by a restroom or a public sign with Braille on it and tried to figure out the connection between Braille and regular letters? I have several times and I could never understand it. When I was younger, I use to think the dots just outlines the letters, but I was proven wrong. Then I just started to believe all blind people were just super gifted like Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder. The text explained that experienced Braille readers can read about 100 words per minute while I’m trying to figure out what each character stands for.
I just started losing my 20/20 vision last year. I’m not completely blind, I just can’t see far away so I still feel like my vision was taken away from me. I don’t know how long I have till I can’t see up close, so I think I’m going to start learning Braille now. Thanks to YouTube, it will be easy!

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