Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Head Pains

For about a year now, I have been undergoing major head pains. I remember sitting in class last year when I began to feel a strange tightening around my left eye and brow bone. These episodes began about a year ago, so this experience has been relatively new. Being one to rarely experience headaches, I became concerned when these sensations initiated. At first, I tried to chalk it up to being stressed or tired, but as the sensation never dissipated, I felt these factors were not the cause. Since then, multiple scans of my brain, including a CT scan and MRI, were taken. Fortunately, the results came back negative for any tumors, etc., however, the need for a diagnosis has continued to be a determination. Before this summer, I had to take myself to the emergency room, for the pain became unbearable. Each of the four doctors that I have seen have all said that my pain is due to migraines. This may very well be the case, for I have experienced symptoms of migraines, including the aura, or flashes of light. Generally, though, migraines normally go away. What I feel lasts twenty four seven.

When the flashes of light occurred, they lasted about a week. They were little bursts of light that went off when I closed my eyes. Although this may have been a migraine, a fifth opinion from my chiropractor was given, and he feels that what I may be suffering from is a distortion of the cranium. These experiences tie in with our class, due to my perceptions at times being off. There are times that my sight becomes slightly blurry and there seems to be a disconnected feeling. The flashes of light are also a perceptional experience. For most of the time, sensitivities to sound and light occur. To cope with the pain, I try to relax, pray, apply slight pressure around my brow bone and avoid stress. Hopefully, my chiropractor and I can work on a way of uncovering what it is I am actually experiencing.

Here is a video about the aura when one undergoes a migraine.

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