Friday, June 10, 2022

You Taste What You See

     In Chapter 5, we learnt about our sense of taste, and the different ways we do so with other senses involved. Specifically the part where we can visually taste what we are seeing to interpret how good or bad something will be. Research in the text also clarifies this what we see and what we don't heavily influences how much we will want to eat something. In others words, presentation is literally everything to a point. For instance when taking sips of drinks when you are unable to see them can drop your ability to identify between them by at least twenty percent. 

    Texture can also influence how flavorful food can be for instance ice cream with it's creamy texture or gelato. Another factor is that your eyes taste food, and whether or not it's appealing will decide if you want to eat a lot or if you want to eat a little. Brain scanning studies also show that humans when smelling food to see if it's expired have visual receptors that become stimulated in the process. In addition, if you don't see something that's usually there with a drink or food that you're familiar with it's lack there of can decrease in flavor and won't taste as appetizing. 

The Extraordinary Powers of Our Five Senses, Lawrence D. Rosenblum


  1. I found your post interesting with many questioning after reading chapter 5 as well. I felt as if some of this information in the chapter contradicts my ability and desires on eating. For example eating something that is extraordinary delicious and being full of it, I will still have the desire to continue eating the dish despite me being ful l already. I totally agree with we can taste with our eyes. But I do not agree with often we can view a dish and it does not looks appealing we will not eat it because this dish could turns out delicious. Like the slogan that states "dont knock it till you". try it." Over all great post enjoy your summer this was my last required post comment.

  2. I agree that texture can be an indicator of flavor! I think it is the same reason why children find inedible foods appetizing! For example play-doh or slime. I am the biggest offender when it comes to looking at a food and not trying it because it is not appetizing to me. Great post and the image is great!

  3. As I read your post I thought about the videos circulating on social media of people tasting different Coke and Pepsi products while they are unable to see the labels. People always start off so confident that they know what they are tasting, however when it is revealed they can see the difference much easier. Truly amazing how when we see something, the taste is more identifiable!