Monday, June 20, 2022

Vision and Posture

 An interesting topic that was brought up in the book was how vision affects a persons posture. According to Rosenblum (2010) an experiment was done with subjects in a non-moving room where they were asked to stand still and look at a targeted position 10 feet away and then move their focus without moving there eyes at a target 1 foot away (p.274). The study found through the postural sway of the subjects that their movements were influenced by where they focused. This study proves how your vision controls your posture and is integrated to other systems in your body. It also shows how your body uses all of your sense to perceive your environment. 

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  1. When reading about this in the book, I found it very interesting. Being further away from the targeted position resulted in no swaying, but being just a foot away from the target resulted in swaying. I never realized how one's vision can control one's posture.