Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Sense of Taste

 Rosenblum discusses in one of the chapters the experience of going to a restaurant and eating in the dark. The group of people who went were sitting further away at the table than they usually would. Rosenblum noted how not being able to see the food that they were eating resulted in the taste being odd. They could not distinguish what they were eating and said that the taste was very bland. I think this was really interesting when reading about it. I personally never tried eating in the pitch black where I could not see my food, but I do not think I would want to try that after Rosenblum's experience. 

I remember watching one of the bachelor shows on television and one of the dates was blindfolded while eating. The food options were pizza, pasta, an apple, and a few others. The guy mistaken pizza for lasagna. I was baffled when watching that because I did not understand how he got lasagna when taking a bite of pizza. Turns out now I understand why. Vision has an effect on our taste when not being able to see. 

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  1. I have seen so many YouTube creators making videos where they each have a plate of food covered. It sits in a wheel and spins around, and is revealed to the person at a certain time. They have no idea what the food is; it could be mashed potatoes, or something completely nasty. I think that seeing the food creates a completely different perception of the food, similar to the individuals in the textbook that ate their food in the dark.