Friday, June 24, 2022


 A sommelier is what? A sommelier is a wine expert who is employed by restaurants, country clubs, and other establishments to taste-test wines before they are given to patrons. It is crucial to understand that becoming a sommelier is a difficult process. A person who wants to work as a sommelier must develop their palate and knowledge of wine's past. A sommelier must also pass a test that is broken up into three sections in order to get certified. It becomes clear how uncommon it is to become a sommelier after reading The Extraordinary Powers See of our Five Senses What I'm Saying by the author.

It was interesting to realize how much time and effort go into their training when reading the part about how to become a sommelier. Given the wide variety of wines produced worldwide, it is very challenging to taste a wine and determine exactly what it is and where it was produced. I saw a video on the training and requirements to become a master sommelier that followed Vincent as he prepared for his exam before I even started reading the book. Many people must retake the exam several times before passing, as was the case with Vincent, the book revealed. It is very challenging to work so hard and still fail. The film tracing Vincent's preparation for the master sommelier test may be seen here.

Here is a video of the steps to become a sommelier: 

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