Thursday, June 23, 2022

Facial Vision

 Something that caught my eye while reading was the idea of facial vision. I never realized how this powerful this can be. I definitely take my sight for granted and I truly don't even have the best eyesight. I couldn't imagine a day without it though. Facial vision is a technique that has been adapted to blind people so they can recognize the people and things around them. This way they can use sound waves to feel things out and can use their sense of touch to feel around. One example of this was the air. The air or breeze that hits a blind person’s face can paint a bigger picture than to someone who is not blind. This is because they can feel more about what is going on instead of just sitting in a breeze or wind. 

Rosenblum, L. D., & Saitō Noriko. (2011). Saishin nō Kagaku de Wakatta Gokan no kyōi. Kōdansha. 

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