Monday, June 21, 2021

 Moon Walking Bear

If you haven't already watched this video please do, before reading the rest of this post. 

TFL Viral - Awareness Test (Moonwalking Bear) - Bing video

Well... Did you see the moon walking bear? This test is an awareness test that helps you realize your level of awareness. If you missed the moon walking bear, you experienced something called selective perception. Selective perception is when a person only really sees what they are looking for and not anything else. This is why when crimes occur, sometimes a persons description of the event can be not so reliable.


  1. Nice, I did see the moonwalking bear but couldn't count the passes that the white team had made! So where do I stand in the test lol!

  2. I watched the video of the Moon Walking Bear, and I followed the instructions to count how many times the team in the white shirt passes the ball. I did count 13 passes successfully, but I failed to see the bear moon walking as I counted the passes. Great Video!!