Tuesday, June 22, 2021

pandemic problems

    During the pandemic when the population was required to wear masks, I noticed that I was saying "huh" and "excuse me" a lot more. I began to wonder if I was having difficulty with my hearing, or lack of, so to speak. This semester my courses were a pairing of Perception and Cognitive Psycology, and it was then, that I learned that most of our sensory experiences are muliti-dimensional and involve different qualities (Goldstein,43,2019). I was having a multisensory issue.

    My courses taught me that, if a discussion is complicated, you're lip-reading. most lip-reading is an implicit skill, making it an automatic function. I never realized that I lived most of my life the "McGurk effect" way, meaning that what I saw was over-ridding what I heard. When posed with a problem of not being able to supplement my hearing with lip-reading, I was struggling to comprehend the words that were coming out of peoples mouths, which is a major problem for someone in the service industry.

    The knowledge that I could over come this issue, without the help of a doctor was a relief. Knowing that cross-sensory brain plasticity would save the day by rewiring my hard drive was gift of my education process.



  1. You really hit on Multi-dimensional perception by having to wear a mask. We are noticing how much we rely on all of our senses and how we are cross functional or not. I would guess that we rely on certain senses that we are most familiar with instead of all our senses. I myself listen more than looking at lips, you rely on lip reading this is all cool and makes us who we are.

  2. I also found myself struggling to understand others when wearing masks. This experience with the pandemic really shows how we perceive sound and language with multiple senses.