Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Post #3 Just add some paint

While reading See what I'am Saying by Lawrence Rosenblum chapter 6 introduces blind painter John Bramblitt. A man who could see all his life until his late twenties he was hit by an unseen car, leaving him blind. If you a familiar with the chapter, John talks about how he uses a special brand of paint that dries quick to allow him to feel what he is painting. He makes comments about how different color feel different, like black being thin and slick while white feeling thick. So after reading this chapter I decided to look up some of the art that John made, and I wanted to share it with anyone who reads this post. John even has a website and book that I will be linking below, there you can see the art he drew, and a short video on John.


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  1. Hi Matthew!
    Chapter 6 included interesting information but I enjoyed reading about John Bramblitt and his experience. I thought it was interesting to know that John uses a special brand of paint that allows him to feel what he is painting. Thank you for adding the link, after reviewing his site, I was shocked to see his amazing art.