Tuesday, June 16, 2020

A Cat Born Without Eyes

We probably don't think about it often, but humans are not the only ones that may have trouble in perceiving the world as it is. This cat was born without eyes but it was able to adapt through the use of its whiskers and ears. The cat was able to detect changes in the air through its whiskers, similar to how humans were described to do in Rosenblum's book about our five senses. The video shows how the cat was able to adapt to the point where the owners would occasionally forget that their cat is blind and it would difficult to remember as their cat is able to play, move, and jump around without any difficulty. The cat is even able to go up and down the stairs without any problem now, due to the owners having taught it the distance between each step by tapping. It's amazing how an animal is able to adapt so well without sight.


  1. Kelly,
    I loved reading your post! I find it so interesting how animals and humans can just learn to adapt to their surroundings. Let alone have this cat learn how to live life and not let being not be able to see affect him. Great post!

  2. This was very interesting to me. I have a friend who has a dog with only one eye and as you stated it uses its other senses and whiskers to figure its location and surroundings. Very interesting to see how intelligent animals are to be able and teach these things to themselves.