Monday, June 24, 2019

Post #2 Beep Baseball

As a former softball player myself, I found chapter 2 to be the most interesting because it talked about a sport that I held very near to my heart and one that I can relate to. I did not realize how uneducated I was about the daily life of blind people and how they are more than capable of performing tasks that a person with sight can, such as playing sports. Although beep baseball is a modified version of the game, it still allows the players the opportunity to do the same things as seeing players like fielding, batting, running, and overall being able to enjoy the sport as a whole. Knowing first hand how the game can be intense and fast paced, it was interesting to read about a modified version that still allowed the game to be just as intense and fast paced. I love that sports like baseball can be modified for those with visual impairments because I do not believe that a disability should limit what one can do. I believe it is best that all sports are modified for everyone with varying disabilities so they can have the same opportunities as those who do not have a disability.


  1. I never heard about beep baseball until this class. I think you are correct, it gives individuals that are visually impaired an opportunity to do the same tasks that people do in a regular game of baseball. I also agree that a disability should not limit what one is able to accomplish. I really enjoyed your post!

  2. I too have played baseball my entire life! The thought of playing this sport blind seems impossible. It's truly amazing how visually impaired individuals have been able to modify the game in order to use their hearing to play! I consider myself to be okay at baseball, but put a blindfold on me and I wouldn't be able to share the same field as these guys. Cool post and cool video!