Monday, June 24, 2019

Post #1 Echolocation

I really enjoyed reading the first chapter of this book. I was intrigued by the idea of humans using echolocation as a way of navigation. It was to my surprise that humans actually use this technique on a daily basis and are exceptionally well at using it. I only ever knew that animals such as bats and dolphins were capable of this technique to navigate, so it was amazing to read and research that not only blind people can use this technique, but so can someone who is not blind. I did perform the small tests that the book mentioned to do in order to understand how echolocation works and how it can be used to my benefit, especially when navigating in the dark. I did not think I was capable of understanding how it worked or if it would work for me in general, but it did work and once I got it down, I showed a few of my family members who were very impressed. I believe this is an excellent technique that many non-seeing people and seeing people should be taught so it can help in scenarioes where it may be dark, or a dangerous situation where someone cannot be verbal when say coming up against a bear and trying to navigate around it. I also believe this will make daily activities and getting around for blind people much easier and safer.

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  1. I too could not believe echo location was actually possible for humans to navigate with! But after reading the chapter that explains an individual being able to mountain bike solely from echo locating, I'm a believer now. I can't even mountain bike with 20/20 vision! Great post and Ted talks are always interesting!