Sunday, December 2, 2018

Ear Tubes for Ear Infections:  Background and Basis
Ear infections happen when bacteria and viruses occur in the middle ear. Children tend to get more ear infections due to still developing, rather than adults. When the Eustachian tubes swell or fill with mucus, perhaps during a cold, it can lead to an even worse infection.
Signs of an ear infection include some of the following: 
-Fluid coming from the ear
-Hard time sleeping
-More fussiness
Ear Tubes for Ear Infections: What to Expect
A doctor will have to do a brief surgery to put them in. They may also put antibiotic ear drops in during or after the surgery. Once they are in place, the patient will have relief from some of the more serious symptoms ear infections may have. The surgery itself takes about 15 minutes and has three steps. The doctor will make a small opening in the eardrum, drain the fluid, and place the tube in the opening.

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