Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Over this past summer, I was fortunate enough to experice going to multiple concerts. All of these concerts varried in venue and location. For example I went to a few concerts in a large pavilion type setting, 1 at a smaller outdoor setting, one in a small standing room only venue, and 1 where I was front row at the barricade. The main things that differed between all of the concerts was sight and sound. As fun as it was to be in the front row and able to see the whole show very clearly, that was probably the worst spot to be in when it comes to hearing. Concerts can go up to very high decibels of sound most being over the recommend safe level for our ears. Continuing to go to concerts where I am that close to the stage and speakers could result in hearing loss in the future. In order to protect my ears and still get the best overall experience, I should invest in ear plugs or stand a view rows back. Most venues accomadate for sound so I would still have a good time anywhere I am in the venue.

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