Sunday, November 25, 2018


I have always thought a zoetrope is an interesting topic since I saw them in a horror film. I did some research on the toy and how it works to create its illusion. The illusion it uses is the illusion of motion that depends on persistence of vision and the phi phenomenon. Persistence of vision refers to the length of time an image stays on the retina of the eye. The phi phenomenon is a consequence of human instinct and the brain trying to make sense of what it is being perceived. The zoetrope is a toy wheel with slits in it that has a paper inside with cartoons drawn on the paper. When the toy is spun, the cartoon seems to move when looking through the slits, such as walking or dancing. This is because the image and slits create a strobe when the wheel is spun, which flashes the image on the retina for one-tenth of a second. The person will see the image flashing, which will provide the illusion of the image moving.

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