Monday, November 26, 2018


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I've always wondered about how singing actually works. To be able to sing, a person needs to be able to hear the pitch of sound, feel the vibration of sound, and then match their vocal sounds to the tone being played. Also, understanding what is happening within the vocal cords can help a person sing as well. A breath is inhaled through the nasal or oral cavity and passes through the pharynx, larynx, trachea, carina and to the lungs. When a person exhales, the air makes its way back through from the lungs, to the carina, through the trachea where the larynx contains vocal folds, which create sounds that people use to speak and singing. These small muscular folds vibrate back and forth which produces sounds. If the pitch of the sound is high, the vocal folds vibrate rapidly. If the pitch of the sound is low, the vocal folds vibrate slower. However, a singer must be able to hear these notes and match their pitch to the music being played, involving the ears as well. I am a singer myself and I struggle with matching my voice to sounds, so singers accomplish a multitasking challenge of hearing and adjusting their pitch. This helped me to understand more of what is going on when I am singing. 

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