Friday, November 16, 2018

Caitlin Juliano: Loud Music and Hearing

Caitlin Juliano
Professor Mark Berg_Perception
Fall 2018
Friday, 16th November 2018

Loud Music and Hearing 

The next category that I wanted to cover in my second blog post is the correlation of loud music and hearing. This topic not only relates to our Perception course, but it is yet another topic that is interesting, current, and of course- very serious. So, have you ever gone to say a concert or high school prom and your ears have such an odd feeling after such a loud event? It's like a sort of indescribable, yet annoying ringing tone and feel within your ears. Well then, you could possibly have temporary tinnitus or just overall temporary hearing loss- which are both clearly no good. Our ears, which are home to some of the smallest bones in the human body, are essential and produce the vital sense of hearing. The ears are super sensitive. Therefore, we must protect and take care of our ears from certain things- such as overly loud music. Please check out the online article in my References list for more information about this expansive topic!
See the source image

See the source image
Morlet, T. (Ed.). (2016, March). Can Loud Music Hurt My Ears? Retrieved from

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