Friday, November 16, 2018

Caitlin Juliano: Eyesight and Cell Phone Usage

   Caitlin Juliano
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    Friday, 16th November 2018
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   Blog Post #1: Eyesight and Cell Phone Usage
 For my first blog post for our Perception course, I was really interested in not only covering the broad
topic of eyes and vision- but, the current and expansive topic of eye damage from cell phone usage.
Technology, especially in today's modern-day society, is something that is rather inevitable and has

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both its pros and cons. However, continuous use on technology, such as on our "beloved" iPhones, can severely damage our eyes with major long-term effects. For an example: Have you ever been on your phone, maybe scrolling through your Instagram feed or texting your friends, for quite some time and got a massive headache? If so, that means that the constant and vibrant blue light from you phone strained your eyes. All in all, too much unnecessary usage on our phones and other types of technology can truly effect our sight senses over passing time. Personally, my eye doctor has even talked to me and all of her other patients about this important issue. She also explained to me and others that this is why children are now truly needing eye glasses more than before because kids today are now growing up on technology almost 24/7. In my References list, I have an interesting and quick read from the Women's Health Magazine. It is super thought-provoking and talks all about this current topic and overall issue. 

Crain, E. (2018, May 25). How Your Cell Phone Is Destroying Your Eyes. Retrieved from

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