Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Binaural Hearing

Just like how we have binocular sight we have binaural hearing. Binaural hearing allows us to figure out which way a sound is coming from. Unknowingly we turn our heads to direct our ears to capture sound waves in the pinna (outermost, visible part of the ear) and into our ear canal. To get the effect of binaural hearing companies have designed microphones with an ear that is looks and is flexible like ours. But, how do we know whether a sound came from the left or right of us? There is a cue called interaural time difference, the difference in time it takes a sound to reach both ears. Other cues to help us locate sound (not in front) is by loudness as well. Say a dog barked to your right it would be louder in that ear compared to your left. The video above explains binaural audio/hearing, as well as plays an example of it and other interesting information, highly recommend watching it.

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